Saturday, October 28, 2006

“Plugging In” to the Celestial Glory of God

Call forth divinely inspired individuals like Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Mohammad, and all others grounding (circulating) the foundational power of light on Earth. Call from the depths, breadths, and heights of the Afterlife. Call to rise up.

Manifest your essence in those around. Let us share moments of potent light so that our breaths may be as “Breaths of Life” to inspirational guide our Self and others to God’s brilliant powers of existence.

Then, some of us shake in fear. Can this be that the powers of known existence are called up, manifested as clear as reflections of light before the eyes? As scriptures reveal, can faith the size of a mustard seed move the mountain right before the eyes? Faith can embody the reality that our existence here is Immaculately perfect ... exquisitely designed for our greatest spiritual growth. Substantiated realizations detail supreme understandings, even enlightenment.

Here we are, even as scriptures reveal, potentially more powerful than angels of light; in fact, given the responsibilities to ground the light, and bring the heavens to Earth. With this power, we can teach the angels how to most effectively actualize this light within humans all around us.

We are given the gift of each breath. We teach in our very thought, in our very feelings, in our most effective actions. This is how we guide angelic energies, right here, right now. Today and throughout the day, throughout the night as starlight shines into our consciousness and we intimately connect to the moon, have clear lunar reflections actualize light in our daily life. We can shine!

Affirm that Light, even as reflected in individuals, will manifest and flow in this day, in conscious awareness where we hold on to an Iron Rod of support, even as the circulation of blood as light. Light can illuminate all spiritual capillaries of our soul. Light can clearly reach and empower our Crown. Fill each Helix in each DNA strand, in each neuron organized in our brain/mind. Actualize realizations of Celestial Light in moments of our day. Now is the time to walk with the Light of our ancestors, and to embody this Light upon Earth.

Rise up. The slumber is complete. Call out, again and again! Now is the time to enact justice upon Earth! All who care can wield the Flaming Sword and eternally feast on our Tree of Life.

Now is the time! Imprint the Light within the mind; turn the KEY to eternity. The inspiration is here! Hello! Sing hallelujahs!

Open your spiritual eyes. Realize the armies of heaven aligned all around, ready to assist and ground the light upon Earth, especially in our local space.

Life is perfect. We are ordained to see with clarity, to hear the inspirational power of light.

May the clarity and power of light be forever upon us,
Scot Aaron

[Note that this original blog was written and posted on October 28, 2006. The images are from my photo collection. The Jesus images from a painting in the Louvre, Paris. The Buddha image is from Johkang Temple in Lhasa Tibet.]

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Loving the Light ... (from Oct. 25, 06)

Let this statement be made with hope and optimism that peace and justice can be restored on Earth. We all realize injustices and immense suffering throughout our Earth. The more profound the suffering, the more potential we amass to individually and globally awake to our responsibilities. Some may try to influence politics, yet I feel that working with light, in particular, our Spiritual Astronomy can best impact the future, actualizing the power of compassion in the present. Light is the fabric of eternity. This is my course. Please feel free to share the light and comment when inspired.

Let us shine, Scot Aaron