Thursday, June 28, 2007

Question, from Micro to Macrocosm and Spiritual Astronomy

Question from Sara:
i would really like to find information concerning astronomy as a whole and its connection to the human being, in other words i believe that from the smallest cell to the largest universe there is a transparent light connecting them together, a recurrent pattern which happens on a smaller scale, like ''the cell'' to a larger scale like a galaxy or even ''the universe'' … thank you so much for your help


Hi Sara,
I have chosen the name Spiritual Astronomy to present a Spiritually-based, scientifically verifiable cosmology that shows how Light is connected to us Spiritually.

Light is often used to describe a Spiritual Essence. 'Go to the Light,' ‘See the Light,’ 'God is Light,' etc.

What you are referring to at the smallest known, verifiable scale is our atom, esp. the nucleus. These 'sizes' can relate to wavelengths of Light in Our Spectrum of Light – from the wavelengths of High Energy Gamma Rays to long Radio Waves. (AM Radio Waves are an example. These AM wave "lengths" extend from about 50 to 500 meters and our tallest skyscrapers.)

Our stars are spiritually established (as in one of God's Biblical 'Days' of Creation) for us to Plug our Consciousness In and Circulate the Light (the Heavens), here on Earth.

Here are some examples of Spiritual Astronomy:

We are about 25,000 light years from our Galactic Center (Sagittarius A) that all stars in our galaxy orbit around. Well, Earth's Precession (of the Equinoxes) is also about 25,000 years. (The precession, Earth’s orbit around its axis, relates to our Zodiac Signs. We are now considered in the ‘Age of Aquarius.’)

The furthest Star we can see with natural eyes is the Great Andromeda Galaxy at about 2.5 million light years away. This is about 100 times the distance from our Galactic Center. (Humans can live to 100 years.) Andromeda Galaxy is like a perfected version of our Milky Way Galaxy. Instead of giant, random nebula like Orion, all of its molecular dust clouds are neatly arranged. It also has a double Nucleus that seems to fit into our local space. [This is about a 6 light year radius, the average space to of our closest and brightest Stars, Proxima Cen and Sirius.]

Astronomy is Spiritual. All great, foundational scientists probably sensed this in their studies and experiments to know more. Spiritual Astronomy is full of some amazing realizations.

Right now I am teaching a new group,
and a link to some of my research about Spiritual Astronomy:

I will also add that ancient Egyptians knew about Spiritual Astronomy. Earth’s first known Liturgy from Una’s Pyramid Text (4400 years ago) is carved into the pyramid walls, and calls on our brightest Goddess Star to introduce us into the Celestial Realm.

The Father of Unas, Atum [the All] seizes the arm of Unas, and he assigns Unas to those gods who are quick and clever, the Imperishable Stars. … The land into which Unas goes, he will not thirst in it, he will not hunger in it, eternally. (Utterance 269)

To say: The sky is serene, Sirius/Sothis lives (i.e. shines) [Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, was considered an important Goddess by ancient Egyptians], for it is Unas who is indeed the living star, the son of Sirius/Sothis.
(Utterance 302, The Pyramid Text of Unas, translated by Piankoff, 1968)

For Light and Wisdom, Scot Aaron

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Soul Awakens ... Hello Hatshepsut

The Soul Awakens

When a falcon lets loose a feather
(or rather offers gracious gifts),
inscribe horizons with words of wisdom
echoing throughout journeys of a soul,
here we uplift wings with angels
to praise a glorious life worth living,
emboldening teardrops and kisses,
justice for a hurricane's eye
revealing jet stream messages ...

worn amulets upon eternal necklaces
massaging bones for helix jewels …
even awakening Egypt’s Hatshepsut,
the living Queen in our bloodstreams.

across all Light Waves I announce
the Great Spirit is alive
to seed real dreams in each of us,
espousing freedom to blossom potentials
for all who dare to say
'life is perfect today'
even as we can comprehend

Earth’s annual of Light,
whispers from Heraclitus
teaching our Great New Year
to inscribe our Celestial Gate
within global details of our mind.

Realize Now is the time
for our complete Feast of Consciousness.

This is dedicated to ancient Egypt's Queen Hatshepsut (1473-1458 BC), who is all over the news today. Yes, awaken us ... the 'Queen within our Bloodstream ... to massage Helix Jewels upon our Necklace.'

They found the mummy almost a hundred years ago, yet announced today that she is Queen Hatshepsut. (See the AP article quoted below.) Almost everybody in the globe knows of ancient Egypt with its 3000+ year history. Well, from my studies (and many experts), she clearly represents the height of Egyptian power and became King/Pharaoh (considered the most successful female Pharaoh).

This news can be very significant for our times.

To review, her troops conquered the Semite and tribal outpost of Megiddo. Those who know about the Book of Revelations see Megiddo as the Battle of Armageddon (the battle between good and evil to predicate the end of the world).

Megiddo was a fortress town on a hill that withstood encroachment. (No wonder it is a symbolic place named in the prophecies.) From my knowledge, she was the first of the Egyptians to finally conquer Megiddo.

to read more:

Now let's look at what happened in history to show that Egypt had reached its peak. After Hatshepsut, the next Pharaoh's son was disgusted with corruption of priests etc. When becoming Pharaoh, he enacted a revolution, renamed himself Akhenaten, and build a new capital in el-Amarna. Rejecting established preists and temples, he set up a simple monotheistic system to worship a representation of the Sun, the Sun-disk Aten.

(Note Philip Glass wrote an opera on this.)

The next Pharaoh was a boy, King Tut... Just a little history, and King Tut's is only royal tomb discovered intact with all the treasures (a lot of gold and jewels) teaching us a great deal about ancient Egyptian religious viewpoints. (Thank God for the discovery of this smallest of Royal Tombs in the Valley of the Kings.)

May this day, with the discovery/recognition and news of Hatshepsut be a portent to help establish peace and justice on Earth! Yeah!


CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Egyptian authorities using DNA analysis and a tooth identified Wednesday a mummy found a century ago as the remains of pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut.

The mummy was discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings burial ground in 1903, but had not been identified as that of the queen and was left on site until two months ago when it was brought to the Cairo Museum for testing, said Egypt's antiquities chief Zahi Hawass.

"We are 100% certain" the mummy belongs to Hatshepsut, Hawass told The Associated Press.

He said DNA and other scientific testing of a tooth found in a relic box containing some of the missing queen's organs had allowed Egyptologists to confirm that the unidentified mummy was in fact Hatshepsut.

A woman monarch who called herself a pharaoh and dressed like a man, Hatshepsut ruled over Egypt during the 15th century B.C.

During her famed 18th Dynasty rule, she wielded more power than Cleopatra or Nefertiti. But when her rule ended, all traces of her mysteriously disappeared, including her mummy. …
Copyright 2007 The Associated Press


Realizing God on Earth

God is great. God is all powerful. God is our ultimate focus. Groups of people join together to focus into one heart and mind for an experience of God, at least the spirit or connecting essence of God. From an experience of “oneness,” we often ask ourselves who is God. This experience is ours. We feel it deep inside. In moments of illumination, we embody a star, with God's presence radiating all around us. We connect. We feel love for all people, and all of God's great Creation. Then, we walk away, go day to day, minute to minute, breath to breath.

If we choose to become whole, and/or tread the path towards oneness, we are responsible for everything we experience. Ultimately, when we claim full responsibility for 100% of our consciousness, we are responsible for everything that we connect to. Right now is a great, wondrous time on Earth! Our global reach of consciousness can connect to, appreciate, and feast on the beauty in the great world religions; our minds can absorb the simple structures of Earth (plants, animals, atoms, etc.) that science teaches us. Earth can be whole, splendidly unified within our realizations.

When will be the world be one? When will foundational leaders in each of the major world religious traditions join together to support the simple Golden Rule, to recognize the Light as simple goodness each can share. Now is our opportunity realize God's Light, God's oneness, and how to ground God’s Light upon Earth.

Again and again, we can sing the song from the New Testament Lord’s Prayer, “on Earth as in Heaven.” Our Celestial Light is the way. Light is light and can fill the spiritual thoughts and feelings of individuals with diverse religious viewpoints. Real light, especially our most powerful physical light sources circulate our celestial structure of consciousness. This is our Key, our way to Plug In to the eternities. This “Spiritual Astronomy” prepares us to experience our Treasures in Heaven, while helping to actualize our individual and global potentials.

Physical Light Reveals Our Eternal, Celestial Structure of Consciousness, Scot Aaron

[Written on October 29, 07 and revised today for this blog.]

Spiritual Astronomy teaches simple understandings of how to ground Celestial Light and Circulate Light within Consciousness.

The image is adapted from a frame of my short film Spiritual Astronomy: An Introduction. The Great Orion Nebula is in the background. Cas A, our brightest Radio Source is being rolled up (seen behind the head). The frame of horizontal lines shows me in my office, introducing Spiritual Astronomy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good Day to YOU

Hello Day. Can I say this day is as precious as the prior day, or the one last week? Or will despondent energies, those lackluster, complacent, demeaning emotions, take hold and allow me to forget the Key, the Key to Eternity. Call it the Crown, it you are talking about the Keter of Jewish Kabbala (or Christian and New Age adaptations). Or the lotus, turned to fit as a cap/crown on the head for Kundalini Yoga (in Hinduism with its varying adaptations).

This article, this blog, is about the great glory you may feel, in comparison to the meaninglessness, the smallness, the “speck of irrelevancy in the cosmos” that you may also feel.

May this day be special, like I know that this day can be special; and may I write about how special this day is. The large majority of us have some hopes, and feel great, at times; then, we get set back where everything does not seem to work.

“Problems, problems, everywhere ...

Run away and hide

Say, ‘you don’t care,’

(This is one of my songs from my music theater play “Kaktus Comes to Class”)

Many of us have money problems, struggling to keep up with the rent or house mortgage. Maybe we have problems with kids, a companion, friends, co-workers? Our resistance may get down and we catch the common cold or flu, the “bug” going around. Yes, life is far from perfect. But then we have a good moment, a time to read, to look at a film, etc. In these moments, like now as you read, you have an opportunity to feast! Consider when you feel life is perfect, when you feel great. If you can not relate the “greatness” to yourself, then relate it to someone else, like a parent or teacher. Recognize this and “Ground this Light.”

When most of us have difficult times. In those extremely hard experiences, we turn to God. This usually occurs through our religion of choice (often the one given by parents). Here we pray, worship, mediate, etc and request for some assistance in this God-given reality. (Note that atheists do their own form, typically affirming negations with their philosophical viewpoints.) Like most, I truly believe everything is God’s, and we exist as if in the “mind of God.” We are here to learn our responsibilities and most clearly actualize our potential.

As if called forth, I am here to show you Spiritual Astronomy and a clear Cosmology based on Relativity Ratios that completely affirms our given Earth reality. We can effectively work with time and space! Embrace your chosen religion or philosophy, and let Light empower, i.e. esp. our great stars and star forms. Spiritual Astronomy is the Key to Reality. This is the spiritual essence of science.

Currently (if this is close to the posting date), I will be teaching Spiritual Astronomy to an online group. Email if interested. Thanks, and may your day be a Great Day. Scot Aaron


PS there are tragic experiences for some of us in the world. If you live in Iraq, I do my best to empathize and understand your tragedy. Maybe you are in the fires of Northern CA happening right now and your house burns down. Maybe global warming will cause havoc for many of us. Maybe peace and justice will prevail! May we see with clarity and Ground the Light to fulfill Earth’s destiny! May you realize your responsibility as a human on Earth!

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Immaculate Brightness of Light

I want to put 4 squares together into a square and then circulate the understandings as a circle. [Think about a simple mandala.] Sounds a bit mathematical, yet I would like the concept to encompass the light of all humans.

Break through any corners; circulate!

If someone is walking down the street, on the TV screen, the radio, or simply projecting thoughts through the psychic airwaves, let the light shine on this beautiful Friday. Moreover, let me meet splendidly beautiful individuals when I teach in Santa Barbara. [This is a "test" teaching of Spiritual Astronomy. I consider it my first public presentation on this topic.]

Let me share the profound brilliance of light.

Right now, I call forth those individuals to see the event in the newspaper, on a posted flyer, on the internet, from a friend or email message, and be at my Celestial Cosmology presentation on Thursday Night. Yes, the power of God, of all angels, the very fabric of light wants you present. [May the event encompass "my future," the future of my soul and all of my connections extending throughout eternity.] This is your invitation to the celebration of life, to wisdom whereby you may know how to circulate the full brightness and magnificence of light. Those present will be presented with gifts. This is when I bow to Your magnificent light and symbolically present you with the wisdom from Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. This is the time you can realize the power of light all around us and Plug In.

What I teach is eternal fabric of reality, the symbolic Tree of Life from the Bible, given with the Celestial Key to the eternities -- where the structure and brightest lights in our Cosmos are freely available so that we may Plug In. There is one and only way to enter the gate and embody the fullness of existence, even your Divine Potential, and this is with Light. These timeless Divine Ways provide the fabric of reality, The purpose for science is to show us how to feast on life!

Yes, Yeah, All-Right, the Grand “party,” the Marriage Feast of Existence is Here. Realize this right NOW! Leave your Egos outside! Open up and listen to light waves fill your being. If in Santa Barbara November 2, 2006, this is your personal invitation to the feast. Be on time, for I will open up with some sound to ground the light (even light speed) with sound able to prepare the space.

We all exist to share God's light within the Self. To fully share, we can learn to work with light and transform all in our presence -- even the globe. Many wait to realize the Light. Earth can shine with the Immaculate Brightness of Light.

To angels and all who are listening, manifest this Moment. Let us share and rejoice in the light.

For the love and wisdom of LIGHT, Scot


[Note, this blog was originally posted on October 27, 2006. The brackets are added in my posting in Blogger, today June 25, 07. ... The presentation did take place and for the record, a friend did come up and film most of it on miniDV.]

The Image above is from my "Light-Paint" series. This is where I leave my camera shutter open and "paint" with the available light.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

About my Blog

This blog is primarily to teach Spiritual Astronomy and my new cosmology based on Relativity Ratios. I will start to teach a small group of individuals at an associated networking site, (like orkut). Most of the teachings will be done in short 3-8 minute video blogs. Some introductory videos will be posted here, others reserved for those in the moderated group.

Since I have written various related blog postings, I will import them. You may read these to understand more about me and personality.

Peace and Justice...