Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Soul Awakens ... Hello Hatshepsut

The Soul Awakens

When a falcon lets loose a feather
(or rather offers gracious gifts),
inscribe horizons with words of wisdom
echoing throughout journeys of a soul,
here we uplift wings with angels
to praise a glorious life worth living,
emboldening teardrops and kisses,
justice for a hurricane's eye
revealing jet stream messages ...

worn amulets upon eternal necklaces
massaging bones for helix jewels …
even awakening Egypt’s Hatshepsut,
the living Queen in our bloodstreams.

across all Light Waves I announce
the Great Spirit is alive
to seed real dreams in each of us,
espousing freedom to blossom potentials
for all who dare to say
'life is perfect today'
even as we can comprehend

Earth’s annual of Light,
whispers from Heraclitus
teaching our Great New Year
to inscribe our Celestial Gate
within global details of our mind.

Realize Now is the time
for our complete Feast of Consciousness.

This is dedicated to ancient Egypt's Queen Hatshepsut (1473-1458 BC), who is all over the news today. Yes, awaken us ... the 'Queen within our Bloodstream ... to massage Helix Jewels upon our Necklace.'

They found the mummy almost a hundred years ago, yet announced today that she is Queen Hatshepsut. (See the AP article quoted below.) Almost everybody in the globe knows of ancient Egypt with its 3000+ year history. Well, from my studies (and many experts), she clearly represents the height of Egyptian power and became King/Pharaoh (considered the most successful female Pharaoh).

This news can be very significant for our times.

To review, her troops conquered the Semite and tribal outpost of Megiddo. Those who know about the Book of Revelations see Megiddo as the Battle of Armageddon (the battle between good and evil to predicate the end of the world).

Megiddo was a fortress town on a hill that withstood encroachment. (No wonder it is a symbolic place named in the prophecies.) From my knowledge, she was the first of the Egyptians to finally conquer Megiddo.

to read more:

Now let's look at what happened in history to show that Egypt had reached its peak. After Hatshepsut, the next Pharaoh's son was disgusted with corruption of priests etc. When becoming Pharaoh, he enacted a revolution, renamed himself Akhenaten, and build a new capital in el-Amarna. Rejecting established preists and temples, he set up a simple monotheistic system to worship a representation of the Sun, the Sun-disk Aten.

(Note Philip Glass wrote an opera on this.)

The next Pharaoh was a boy, King Tut... Just a little history, and King Tut's is only royal tomb discovered intact with all the treasures (a lot of gold and jewels) teaching us a great deal about ancient Egyptian religious viewpoints. (Thank God for the discovery of this smallest of Royal Tombs in the Valley of the Kings.)

May this day, with the discovery/recognition and news of Hatshepsut be a portent to help establish peace and justice on Earth! Yeah!


CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Egyptian authorities using DNA analysis and a tooth identified Wednesday a mummy found a century ago as the remains of pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut.

The mummy was discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings burial ground in 1903, but had not been identified as that of the queen and was left on site until two months ago when it was brought to the Cairo Museum for testing, said Egypt's antiquities chief Zahi Hawass.

"We are 100% certain" the mummy belongs to Hatshepsut, Hawass told The Associated Press.

He said DNA and other scientific testing of a tooth found in a relic box containing some of the missing queen's organs had allowed Egyptologists to confirm that the unidentified mummy was in fact Hatshepsut.

A woman monarch who called herself a pharaoh and dressed like a man, Hatshepsut ruled over Egypt during the 15th century B.C.

During her famed 18th Dynasty rule, she wielded more power than Cleopatra or Nefertiti. But when her rule ended, all traces of her mysteriously disappeared, including her mummy. …
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