Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good Day to YOU

Hello Day. Can I say this day is as precious as the prior day, or the one last week? Or will despondent energies, those lackluster, complacent, demeaning emotions, take hold and allow me to forget the Key, the Key to Eternity. Call it the Crown, it you are talking about the Keter of Jewish Kabbala (or Christian and New Age adaptations). Or the lotus, turned to fit as a cap/crown on the head for Kundalini Yoga (in Hinduism with its varying adaptations).

This article, this blog, is about the great glory you may feel, in comparison to the meaninglessness, the smallness, the “speck of irrelevancy in the cosmos” that you may also feel.

May this day be special, like I know that this day can be special; and may I write about how special this day is. The large majority of us have some hopes, and feel great, at times; then, we get set back where everything does not seem to work.

“Problems, problems, everywhere ...

Run away and hide

Say, ‘you don’t care,’

(This is one of my songs from my music theater play “Kaktus Comes to Class”)

Many of us have money problems, struggling to keep up with the rent or house mortgage. Maybe we have problems with kids, a companion, friends, co-workers? Our resistance may get down and we catch the common cold or flu, the “bug” going around. Yes, life is far from perfect. But then we have a good moment, a time to read, to look at a film, etc. In these moments, like now as you read, you have an opportunity to feast! Consider when you feel life is perfect, when you feel great. If you can not relate the “greatness” to yourself, then relate it to someone else, like a parent or teacher. Recognize this and “Ground this Light.”

When most of us have difficult times. In those extremely hard experiences, we turn to God. This usually occurs through our religion of choice (often the one given by parents). Here we pray, worship, mediate, etc and request for some assistance in this God-given reality. (Note that atheists do their own form, typically affirming negations with their philosophical viewpoints.) Like most, I truly believe everything is God’s, and we exist as if in the “mind of God.” We are here to learn our responsibilities and most clearly actualize our potential.

As if called forth, I am here to show you Spiritual Astronomy and a clear Cosmology based on Relativity Ratios that completely affirms our given Earth reality. We can effectively work with time and space! Embrace your chosen religion or philosophy, and let Light empower, i.e. esp. our great stars and star forms. Spiritual Astronomy is the Key to Reality. This is the spiritual essence of science.

Currently (if this is close to the posting date), I will be teaching Spiritual Astronomy to an online group. Email if interested. Thanks, and may your day be a Great Day. Scot Aaron


PS there are tragic experiences for some of us in the world. If you live in Iraq, I do my best to empathize and understand your tragedy. Maybe you are in the fires of Northern CA happening right now and your house burns down. Maybe global warming will cause havoc for many of us. Maybe peace and justice will prevail! May we see with clarity and Ground the Light to fulfill Earth’s destiny! May you realize your responsibility as a human on Earth!

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