Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Realizing God on Earth

God is great. God is all powerful. God is our ultimate focus. Groups of people join together to focus into one heart and mind for an experience of God, at least the spirit or connecting essence of God. From an experience of “oneness,” we often ask ourselves who is God. This experience is ours. We feel it deep inside. In moments of illumination, we embody a star, with God's presence radiating all around us. We connect. We feel love for all people, and all of God's great Creation. Then, we walk away, go day to day, minute to minute, breath to breath.

If we choose to become whole, and/or tread the path towards oneness, we are responsible for everything we experience. Ultimately, when we claim full responsibility for 100% of our consciousness, we are responsible for everything that we connect to. Right now is a great, wondrous time on Earth! Our global reach of consciousness can connect to, appreciate, and feast on the beauty in the great world religions; our minds can absorb the simple structures of Earth (plants, animals, atoms, etc.) that science teaches us. Earth can be whole, splendidly unified within our realizations.

When will be the world be one? When will foundational leaders in each of the major world religious traditions join together to support the simple Golden Rule, to recognize the Light as simple goodness each can share. Now is our opportunity realize God's Light, God's oneness, and how to ground God’s Light upon Earth.

Again and again, we can sing the song from the New Testament Lord’s Prayer, “on Earth as in Heaven.” Our Celestial Light is the way. Light is light and can fill the spiritual thoughts and feelings of individuals with diverse religious viewpoints. Real light, especially our most powerful physical light sources circulate our celestial structure of consciousness. This is our Key, our way to Plug In to the eternities. This “Spiritual Astronomy” prepares us to experience our Treasures in Heaven, while helping to actualize our individual and global potentials.

Physical Light Reveals Our Eternal, Celestial Structure of Consciousness, Scot Aaron

[Written on October 29, 07 and revised today for this blog.]

Spiritual Astronomy teaches simple understandings of how to ground Celestial Light and Circulate Light within Consciousness.

The image is adapted from a frame of my short film Spiritual Astronomy: An Introduction. The Great Orion Nebula is in the background. Cas A, our brightest Radio Source is being rolled up (seen behind the head). The frame of horizontal lines shows me in my office, introducing Spiritual Astronomy.

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