Monday, June 25, 2007

The Immaculate Brightness of Light

I want to put 4 squares together into a square and then circulate the understandings as a circle. [Think about a simple mandala.] Sounds a bit mathematical, yet I would like the concept to encompass the light of all humans.

Break through any corners; circulate!

If someone is walking down the street, on the TV screen, the radio, or simply projecting thoughts through the psychic airwaves, let the light shine on this beautiful Friday. Moreover, let me meet splendidly beautiful individuals when I teach in Santa Barbara. [This is a "test" teaching of Spiritual Astronomy. I consider it my first public presentation on this topic.]

Let me share the profound brilliance of light.

Right now, I call forth those individuals to see the event in the newspaper, on a posted flyer, on the internet, from a friend or email message, and be at my Celestial Cosmology presentation on Thursday Night. Yes, the power of God, of all angels, the very fabric of light wants you present. [May the event encompass "my future," the future of my soul and all of my connections extending throughout eternity.] This is your invitation to the celebration of life, to wisdom whereby you may know how to circulate the full brightness and magnificence of light. Those present will be presented with gifts. This is when I bow to Your magnificent light and symbolically present you with the wisdom from Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. This is the time you can realize the power of light all around us and Plug In.

What I teach is eternal fabric of reality, the symbolic Tree of Life from the Bible, given with the Celestial Key to the eternities -- where the structure and brightest lights in our Cosmos are freely available so that we may Plug In. There is one and only way to enter the gate and embody the fullness of existence, even your Divine Potential, and this is with Light. These timeless Divine Ways provide the fabric of reality, The purpose for science is to show us how to feast on life!

Yes, Yeah, All-Right, the Grand “party,” the Marriage Feast of Existence is Here. Realize this right NOW! Leave your Egos outside! Open up and listen to light waves fill your being. If in Santa Barbara November 2, 2006, this is your personal invitation to the feast. Be on time, for I will open up with some sound to ground the light (even light speed) with sound able to prepare the space.

We all exist to share God's light within the Self. To fully share, we can learn to work with light and transform all in our presence -- even the globe. Many wait to realize the Light. Earth can shine with the Immaculate Brightness of Light.

To angels and all who are listening, manifest this Moment. Let us share and rejoice in the light.

For the love and wisdom of LIGHT, Scot


[Note, this blog was originally posted on October 27, 2006. The brackets are added in my posting in Blogger, today June 25, 07. ... The presentation did take place and for the record, a friend did come up and film most of it on miniDV.]

The Image above is from my "Light-Paint" series. This is where I leave my camera shutter open and "paint" with the available light.

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