Friday, August 3, 2007

Healing the World with Light

Hello to All Interested in Spiritual Astronomy:

Many call themselves “Lightworkers.” Basically they may heal people with their powers or just exercise their powers (even with magic/magick). A focus on doing good is a focus on the light.

Wow, all of us good people … all of us light “workers” with access to global wisdom at our fingertips. Now is the time to consider LIGHT in its fullness. How can we ACTUALIZE this light in our lives and in global reality.

Understanding reality is essential to light. Since an extreme amount of positive and negative energies exist in the world, we ASK what is real. Reality is power. Positively circulating power contributes to light. Look at what YOU believe and how this aligns with the “power” of reality.

All beliefs and even thoughts circulate and/or hoard energies. To prepare for death, we are responsible for circulating clarity, i.e. clear understandings in our brains/souls. What is real can continue eternally; this is the fabric of light. What YOU “think” is light MAY be only a shard or reflective part of light. Sometimes we have to experience major, individually cataclysmic events to “see clearly.” Personal deception is powerful.

The spiritually safest route in life is to participate in a major world religion and see with clarity. Established religions have amassed more than 1000 years of focus to circulate light with degrees of integrity. Crowley with his “Magick” clearly recognized the power in the religions … even if he abused and manipulated the symbols for low-level personal benefit. World religions support social and moral values, while upholding deeper mystical practices. Still, you can trap yourself in a religion by negating the precious experiences and profound goodness shared by good people, especially those in the other world religions. This is the basis of the Golden Rule to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

If interested in plants and natural medicines, this is powerful reality. If you love the diversity of dogs and cats and then a zoo full of animals, this is reality. If you work with chemistry and solid state physics, this is reality. Most significantly, the stars and our physically bright sources (across the spectrum of light) are a reality. Now comes the big question, “do you want to really work with LIGHT… even if this means “your reality” may require some alignment so that you can best embody and actualize LIGHT?

Being a true “lightworker” means you trust in God/Light to unfold what is required in YOUR reality. Those with a little power often try to project the concept of “creating your own reality.” Our global reality is the primary focus of God/Light … the good of the whole. How can we actualize powerful light on Earth, i.e. “bring the heavens to earth.” For those that want a safe, “smile, the sun is out and all is well,” reality, obviously neglect the truth of extreme hardship, suffering and death in our globe today.

The WAKE UP call is happening so that Light can best circulate upon Earth. Where are YOU, and do you think you can embody our most powerful Celestial Light to assist in actualizing “the Heavens on Earth?”

Right now the Light Calls YOU forth. This is your opportunity. What an amazing time we live in.

For our Exponential Blessings, Love Scot