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Question, from Micro to Macrocosm and Spiritual Astronomy

Question from Sara:
i would really like to find information concerning astronomy as a whole and its connection to the human being, in other words i believe that from the smallest cell to the largest universe there is a transparent light connecting them together, a recurrent pattern which happens on a smaller scale, like ''the cell'' to a larger scale like a galaxy or even ''the universe'' … thank you so much for your help


Hi Sara,
I have chosen the name Spiritual Astronomy to present a Spiritually-based, scientifically verifiable cosmology that shows how Light is connected to us Spiritually.

Light is often used to describe a Spiritual Essence. 'Go to the Light,' ‘See the Light,’ 'God is Light,' etc.

What you are referring to at the smallest known, verifiable scale is our atom, esp. the nucleus. These 'sizes' can relate to wavelengths of Light in Our Spectrum of Light – from the wavelengths of High Energy Gamma Rays to long Radio Waves. (AM Radio Waves are an example. These AM wave "lengths" extend from about 50 to 500 meters and our tallest skyscrapers.)

Our stars are spiritually established (as in one of God's Biblical 'Days' of Creation) for us to Plug our Consciousness In and Circulate the Light (the Heavens), here on Earth.

Here are some examples of Spiritual Astronomy:

We are about 25,000 light years from our Galactic Center (Sagittarius A) that all stars in our galaxy orbit around. Well, Earth's Precession (of the Equinoxes) is also about 25,000 years. (The precession, Earth’s orbit around its axis, relates to our Zodiac Signs. We are now considered in the ‘Age of Aquarius.’)

The furthest Star we can see with natural eyes is the Great Andromeda Galaxy at about 2.5 million light years away. This is about 100 times the distance from our Galactic Center. (Humans can live to 100 years.) Andromeda Galaxy is like a perfected version of our Milky Way Galaxy. Instead of giant, random nebula like Orion, all of its molecular dust clouds are neatly arranged. It also has a double Nucleus that seems to fit into our local space. [This is about a 6 light year radius, the average space to of our closest and brightest Stars, Proxima Cen and Sirius.]

Astronomy is Spiritual. All great, foundational scientists probably sensed this in their studies and experiments to know more. Spiritual Astronomy is full of some amazing realizations.

Right now I am teaching a new group,
and a link to some of my research about Spiritual Astronomy:

I will also add that ancient Egyptians knew about Spiritual Astronomy. Earth’s first known Liturgy from Una’s Pyramid Text (4400 years ago) is carved into the pyramid walls, and calls on our brightest Goddess Star to introduce us into the Celestial Realm.

The Father of Unas, Atum [the All] seizes the arm of Unas, and he assigns Unas to those gods who are quick and clever, the Imperishable Stars. … The land into which Unas goes, he will not thirst in it, he will not hunger in it, eternally. (Utterance 269)

To say: The sky is serene, Sirius/Sothis lives (i.e. shines) [Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, was considered an important Goddess by ancient Egyptians], for it is Unas who is indeed the living star, the son of Sirius/Sothis.
(Utterance 302, The Pyramid Text of Unas, translated by Piankoff, 1968)

For Light and Wisdom, Scot Aaron

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